Headquarters, Tallinn office

Main warehouse, customer service front desk, Lineaarkeskus linear motion systems department workshop, logistics department, accounting department, webshop

J. Smuuli tee 42 / Vesse 3
11415, Tallinn, Estonia

Opening hours:
MON-FRI 08:30-17:00
SAT-SUN Closed

Customer service/secretary:
Phone: +372 6205081
Phone: +372 5123657

Phone: +372 6205093

Webshop customer support:

Bulk goods (pallets, boxes) loading takes place at the loading area behind the main building, on the parking lot/backyard of GIGANT furniture store; gates LADU 1

Long crates (more than 3m) loading/unloading takes place at the linear wokshop loading area; gates LADU 2

Our neighbours are Teval Elektroonika OÜ and Plaadimehed OÜ, whose offices are located in the same building, in adjacent rooms.

Ida-Virumaa department, Jõhvi office

Eastern/ Northeastern Estonia customer support, regional hub

Linda 15f
41536, Jõhvi, Estonia

Opening hours:
MON-FRI 08:00-16:30
SAT-SUN Closed

Customer support:
Phone: +372 3353332