We are moving!

We are pleased to announce, that starting from the end of the May, the Kavial head office, including store, warehouses and linear workshop, are moving to the brand new spacious quarters located at Vesse 3 / Juhan Smuuli 42.

New spaces, which, by the way are located not so far from our old location, will not only improve access to the store for our new visitors, but also will help to avoid inconveniences for our regular customers and partners - logistically, our location will stay almost the same. Convenient access, both by personal and public transport, bicycle or by foot, will allow to reach us from any direction. Spacious parking lot will accommodate all visitors during peak hours, including vehicles with trailers. Same, big cargo gates will facilitate access for couriers and our suppliers transportation partners.

Combinging existing warehouses under one roof will definitely save our customers from confusion and any inconvenience while picking up their goods. The store-showroom will become more spacious, which will allow to introduce larger numbers of products available in our store.

Without doubt this move is a new milestone in the history of our company. We are eager to start our work at the new facilities, with new ideas, energy and inspiration and of course with new products.

Additional information will be published here, on our website, on social media and deliverd personally to all our major partners and suppliers.