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Schaeffler OPTIME C1 smart lubricator

OPTIME C1 is an add-on device for OPTIME monitoring system. You can use OPTIME C1 inside OPTIME mesh network or as a standalone device. With app, cloud or API-interface all messages and alerts regarding your machine unit greasing status are delivered just in time.

NFC connection, replaceable battery, new electric pump with inreased pressure up to 10 bar, ARCALUB CONCEPT 1 compatible cartridges, ARCANOL grease compatible

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Bearing greases and lubrication systems


Schaeffler bearing greases

Arcanol universal and specialty greases

Schaeffler lubrication sytems

ARCALUB CONCEPT series automatic lubricators and lubrication systems

NTN SNR bearing greases

NTN SNR universal and specialty greases

NTN SNR lubrication systems

LUBER READY automatic lubricators
LUBER DRIVE lubrication systems

Technical data

Schaeffler greases

GreaseApplicationOperating temperature; °C ThickenerBaseConsistency; NLGIViscosity at +40°C; mm2/s
MULTITOPuniversal; automotive; spindles; construction machinery-50 – +140Lithium soapPartially synthetic oil282
MULTI2universal; ball bearings with outer diameter up to 62 mm; agricultural machinery-30 – +120Lithium soapMineral oil2110
MULTI3universal; ball bearings with outer diameter more than 62 mm; fans-30 – +120Lithium soapMineral oil380
LOAD150ball-, roller-, needle bearings; linear motion systems-20 – +140Complex lithium soapMineral oil2160
LOAD220paper machines; railway machinery-20 – +140Lithium/calcium soapMineral oil2245
LOAD400ball-, roller bearings; mining machinery; construction machinery; wind turbines-40 – +130Lithium/calcium soapMineral oil2400
LOAD460ball-, roller bearings; wind turbines-40 – +130Lithium/calcium soapMineral oil1400
LOAD1000mining machinery; construction machinery; cement plant machines-30 – +130Lithium/calcium soapMineral oil21000
TEMP90electic motors; automotive-40 – +160PolycarbamidePartially synthetic oil3148
TEMP110electic motors; automotive-35 – +160Complex lithium soapPartially synthetic oil2130
TEMP120casting plants; paper machines-30 – +180PolycarbamideSynthetic oil2400
TEMP200backing machinery; compressors piston pins maintenance-30 – +260PTFEAlkoxyfluoro oil2550
SPEED2,6spindles; rotary tables; construction machinery; tools-40 – +120Complex lithium soapSynthetic oil2-325
VIB3wind turbine rotors; packaging machinery; railway machinery-30 – +150Complex lithium soapMineral oil3170
FOOD2food industry; NSF-H1 registration; kosher and halal certification-30 – +120Complex aluminium soapSynthetic oil2150
CLEAN-Mclean room applications-30 – +180PolycarbamideEther oil2103
MOTION2wind turbine slewing rings-40 – +130Lithium soapSynthetic oil250
Source: Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG

NTN SNR greases

GreaseApplicationOperating temperature; °C ThickenerBaseConsistency; NLGIViscosity at +40°C; mm2/s
UNIVERSALuniversal; tools; agricultural machinery-25 – +140Lithium soapMineral oil2115
UNIVERSAL +universal; tools; agricultural machinery-30 – +130Lithium/calcium soapMineral oil2220
HEAVY DUTYcasting plants; construction heavy machinery; conveyors; water pumps-25 – +140Lithium + EP* additivesMineral oil2115
HEAVY DUTY +casting plants; construction heavy machinery; conveyors; water pumps-30 – +150Lithium + EP* additivesMineral oil2150
VIBquarry works; cement works; paper machinery-20 – +140Lithium/calcium soapPartially synthetic oil2360
HIGH TEMPtextile industry; paper machinery; hot air fans; dryers; water pumps-40 – +160PolycarbamidePartially synthetic oil2160
FOOD ALfood industry; baking ovens; food and bottle conveyors-25 – +120Complex aluminium soapParaffinic mineral oil2248
FOODfood industry; baking ovens; food and bottle conveyors-30 – +120Complex aluminium soapPolyalphaolefin oil2195
ULTRA HIGH TEMPcasting plants; paper machines; electric motors-30 – +260PTFEPerfluorinated polyether synthetic oil2460
HIGH SPEED +electric motors; spindles-45 – +120Lithium/calcium soapEther oil + SHC**225
* EP – extreme pressure additives
** SHC – synthetic hydrocarbon

Source: NTN SNR Roulements SA
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