Over 60 years of innovations and thousands of realized applications. TSUBAKI KABELSCHLEPP is currently a global player with international representatives and subsidiaries in more than 70 countries and cable carrier systems are a permanent component of almost every machine. Their innovative solutions have proven themselves worldwide in the most diverse industries – and in fact, no longer just in the classical application areas such as machine tools, crane systems, washing lines and medical and laboratory technology, but also in industrial robots, high-sea drilling platforms and even space travel.

Whether clipped, snapped, locked, screwed, riveted or even welded – we offer various connection types depending on the type of cable carrier. This allows to configure and order single elements or the whole cable carrier with cables and connection or a pre-assembled TOTALTRAX system. The individual customer defines the depth of modularity.

The inside plates of KABELSCHLEPP hydrid chains are consisting of 100% the same material. This means an optimum pairing to transmit power and to retain the properties of the cable carrier system over its length and throughout its service life. Simple plug-in connections allow quick installation – screwing prevents from deformed dividers or dissolved individual links.