Privacy policy

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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been in force in all EU states since 25th May 2018. This regulation introduces some changes for those who process personal data and also protects the rights of individuals to ensure their personal data integrity.

Kavial OÜ is committed to ensure the integrity of personal data. This Privacy Policy explains why and how we do this, what personal information we collect, how long we retain it, and with whom we may share it. We encourage you to carefully review the provisions of our Privacy Policy, which among other things, governs your rights to personal information.

We use personal data to provide you with information about our products and services and the corresponding technical support. We need personal information to provide with operational information about our products and services and to comply with applicable law.


2.1 Electronic conversations, telephone calls and personal invitations

We use personal information to advertise our products and services, share information about new products and services, and send newsletters and invitations to attend our events.

2.2 Webpage enquiry form

We use personal data to answer questions and enqueries sent to us.

2.3 Webshop

We use personal data to process online store orders. Kavial OÜ can share neccessary personal data with carrier services in order to deliver goods.

2.4 Logs

We collect and store the following data in our information log: name, business name, business e-mail, telephone number, address.

2.5 Contracts

To ensure compliance with our contractual obligations, we collect and store the following information: job title, content of your message, other information you provide to us. We do not store information after redirected or forwarded messages. We do not treat the delivery address as personal data.

Kavial OÜ processes personal data to ensure the fulfillment of its contractual obligations, and in accordance with enqueries, orders or purchases made to Kavial OÜ's customer service. Kavial OÜ processes personal data in accordance with its legal interests, based on Kavial OÜ's legitimate need to use personal data for statistics and marketing of our products and services, to ensure payment security and fraud prevention, and to support legal obligations under laws and other legal acts.

When advertising our goods and services, we use personal data only with consent.

Kavial OÜ stores personal data only from persons representing such business, company or enterprise with which Kavial OÜ has a business relationship, and only as long as the obligations apply, arising from the said business relationship regarding applicable law, payment terms, warranty or complaint resolution.


Registered person has the right to:

  • request a copy of his personal information we hold
  • request for correction of his personal data
  • request for deletion of his personal data
  • request for distribution restriction of his personal data
  • request to terminate processing of his personal data
  • request to transfer his personal data to another person

These procedures are free of charge. A registered person may at any time notify Kavial OÜ that he no longer wishes to receive advertisements and request for deletion of his personal data from Kavial OÜ's databases.

Personal data may be shared within Kavial OÜ. More information about the companies belonging to Kavial OÜ can be found on the website

Kavial OÜ does not transfer, sell or exchange personal data for marketing purposes to third parties outside of Kavial OÜ.

If you have complaints about the misuse of your personal data, you have the right to submit a complaint to the supervisory authority in Estonia, Data Protection Inspectorate, by e-mail

Kavial OÜ is responsible processor of your personal data, as described in this Privacy policy.

If you want to ask us about your personal data, please use the following contacts: phone +372 6205081, phone +372 6205089 or e-mail

We are constantly updating the information on our website about how we work with the GDPR provisions. We ensure that this Privacy policy is regularly reviewed and updates are posted on our website.