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Schaeffler induction heaters

BASIC series
Load capacity: 50 – 200 kg
Frequency: 50 – 60 Hz
Max. temperature: up to 150-240 °C
With controlled temperature and timer

SMART series
Load capacity: 50 – 200 kg
Frequency: 50 – 60 Hz
Max. temperature: up to 240 °C
With controlled temperature and timer, controlled heating with the max. temperature gradient per unit of time (Delta T), 4.3 inch touch-screen

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MF-GENERATOR 3.5 mid-frequency compact series
Power capacity: 3.5 kW
Power supply: household socket (230V/16A)
Adjustable temperature and timer, 4.3 inch touch-screen

MF-GENERATOR 2.5 / MF-GENERATOR 3.0 mid-frequency series
Power: 10 / 22 / 44 kW
Adjustable temperature and timing, 3.5 or 7 inch touch-screen; logs, Delta T temperature gradient control; MASTER-SLAVE connection with up to 8 generators together (model 3.0)

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Kavial Press release In July 2021 Schaeffler Group has acquired 100% sharehold in BEGA International B.V. Currently Bega Special Tools will continue to manufacture and sell products under their own brands with the addition of products which Bega will supply to Schaeffler, branded with Schaeffler.

Schaeffler OPTIME monitoring system


Comprehensive and automated machine unit condition monitoring system. Based on IoT technology, this system provides early warning of damage to machine components. Consisting of a wireless (NFC) sensors and gateway, this solution can be scaled in any way. All captured data is analyzed in cloud, using machine learning and other AI solutions designed by Schaeffler and then visualized in the special app. Such solution allows you to monitor all units using just one computer or smartphone.


Schaeffler OPTIME

Simple integration
Complete automation
Scalable wireless IoT solution
Machine learning and AI-algorithms
Maintenance cost savings up to 50%

For cost reasons, permanently installed continuous condition monitoring is typically used only for production machines that are directly process-critical. In the process manufacturing and automation industries, it is therefore not uncommon for up to 95 percent of all assets in a production facility to be either totally unmonitored or monitored only periodically by means of route-based, manual measurements.

With Schaeffler OPTIME, however, comprehensive and automated condition monitoring is now a cost-effective IoT proposition for maintenance personnel and facility operators. This is an efficient and easy-to-use low-cost solution designed specifically for the comprehensive condition monitoring of all indirectly process-critical assets across entire machine and equipment parks.

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OPTIME is an easily scalable system that consists essentially of wireless, battery-powered vibration sensors, a gateway, and an app to visualize the resulting analysis data. The data captured by the sensors are analyzed using specially developed algorithms that draw on Schaeffler’s technical expertise, its extensive storehouse of physical models developed and refined over many decades, and the experience in condition monitoring that it has built up in the course of its bearing servicing operations.

Maintenance tools

OPTIME can be installed and initial operation carried out without any prior condition monitoring expertise, and several hundred measuring points can easily be set up in the space of a single day. The vibration sensors are attached to the monitored assets by means of screws or adhesive, and are activated by the accompanying app, which connects to them via near-field communication (NFC). All installed sensors communicate autonomously with each other and the gateway, thereby forming a dedicated mesh network that ranks among the most reliable and energy-efficient types of IoT networks in use in industry today. The sensors in the mesh network transmit machine KPI data and raw vibration and temperature data via the gateway to the Schaeffler IoT Hub. The hub analyzes the data, and the results are displayed in the app, which supports a very wide range of end devices commonly used by maintenance teams and plant operators. Alternatively, the analysis results can be made available for integration into the customer’s own IT environment via a REST API.

System provides several weeks’ early warning of damage to machine components such as electric motors, fans, and pumps. It also provides early warning of imbalances, misalignments, and knocking. The app presents trends in graph form and visualizes the severity of incidents using traffic light colors, alarm states, and other information. Assets can be grouped according to users’ requirements, and their condition can be presented in a range of user group-specific views. With OPTIME, in-house maintenance crews and external service contractors receive specific recommendations on the remedial steps required, so they can easily plan their maintenance work, manpower requirements, and spare parts procurement in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

OPTIME can yield cost savings of around 50 percent compared with monthly offline measurements made using hand-held devices. It also provides better-quality monitoring than most wireless online CMS systems thanks to its complex, algorithm-based analytics. Moreover, OPTIME can be used for a multitude of assets for which condition monitoring was previously not commercially viable, which makes it the first solution capable of providing an overview of machine states that is truly comprehensive and encompasses all subsystems and auxiliary assets.

Schaeffler Cloud digital service

Service Tenant
Schaeffler Cloud service - monthly subscription

Digital Service Analytics
analytics service - monthly subscription per active sensor

OPTIME Digital Service

OPTIME Gateway


SIM, WIFI, or LAN connection

One gateway can manage up to 70 sensors

OPTIME Gateway T



Wireless vibro- and temperature sensor

Suitable for fans, motors and plummer block bearings

Operating speed up to 3000/min

M6 screw mounting pads

10 piece set



Wireless vibro- and temperature sensor

Suitable for pumps, geared motors and machines

Operating speed up to 5000/min

M6 screw mounting pads

10 piece set


Schaeffler OPTIME Apple application

Apple iOS 11.0
Apple MacOS 11.0 or newer Apple devices

App AppStore page

Schaeffler OPTIME Android application

Android 4.4 or newer Android devices

App Google Play page

Bega BETEX induction and electric heaters

Handheld heaters

Handheld heaters for precision heating iDuctor

Inductors set:

  • spiral inductors
  • U-inductor
  • flexible inductor
  • pad-inductor

Power capacity:
1,2kW / 2,3kW

Portable heaters

Portable case heaters

Load capacity:
10kg / 20kg


Standard heaters

Betex BASIC / SMART table top heaters

Load capacity:
50kg / 100kg / 150kg / 200kg

Middle frequency heaters

Betex MF 50/60 Hz heaters

Power capacity:
2,5kW / 3,5kW / 10kW / 22kW / 44kW 


Flexible cable inductors

5 – 35 m

Power capacity:
3,5 – 44 kW

180°C / 300°C

Fixed inductors

Power capacity:
22kW / 44kW

Cone heaters

Electric heaters with controlled temperature

Power capacity:

Bega BETEX heavy duty mounting-dismantling tools

Mobile hydraulic pullers

Power capacity:
20 – 150 t

Heavy duty heaters

Load capacity:
300 – 600 kg

Load capacity:
700 – 3500 kg

Hydraulic presses

Power capacity:
up to 10 t
up to 25 t

Special equipment

Wheelset presses

Custom made
Pressing cylinders on both sides

Power 150 t
Stroke 460 mm

Bega BETEX сhecking and alingment instruments

Alignment tools

For shafts and belt transmissions


Different combinations and sets

0.025 – 3 mm

Measuring tools

Sound level / decibel meters
Monitoring tools

Impact fitting tool sets

Tool set with combinations of fitting rings and impact sleeves

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