Frequently asked questions

How to choose?

It is expected, that our customers already have the necessary knowledge in technology and they know what they are looking for. However, if you're not sure what stuff it is, this or that product, then try to find information in our (and our partners) catalogues. We diligently tried to compile the accuratest collection of catalogues for every group of products.

Frequently asked questions
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How to pay?

At the moment the regular bank transfer is the only payment method available. After placing your order you'll receive automatic order confirmation email from us. Then it will take some time to compose a prepayment invoice (proforma invoice). We will send back the pdf invoice with all necessary information and credentials as soon as possible. Then you obviously need to pay the bill. Be sure to enter the prepayment invoice number or webshop order number in the explanation/details field.

We process orders every workday from 8:30 till 17:00. So, if you placed your order at the end of the day, at weekend or state holiday, you'll recieve your prepayment invoice on the next (nearest) working day.

How to receive goods?

Our main delivery partner is DPD Eesti AS. We ship to Lithuania, Latvia, Finland, Sweden and of course farthest corners of our homeland. Some goods though are too specific, that delivery with DPD courier becomes too expensive or impossible at all. For example linear guideways, heavy shafts or large amounts of goods on pallets etc.

Max package dimensions for parcel lockers:

  • Height 37cm
  • Width 40cm
  • Depth 60cm
  • Weight up to 20kg

Max package dimensions for courier:

  • Package longest side doesn't exceed 175cm
  • Single box max weight up to 31,5kg
  • Single halfpallet weight up to 239kg
  • Single pallet weight up to 700kg

Orders are dispatched every workday at 16:30

You will recieve confirmation e-mail that goods were dispatched.

If package dimensions exceeding all abovementioned values, we choose delivery method by agreement. By default we will send you proforma-invoice with cheapest transportation method available. Usually we use DSV freight carrier services for oversized goods delivery.

You can offer your own carrier/transport method. Let us know about your choise writing a note in Additional information / Order notes field on order confirmation page or simply reply on order confirmation e-mail.

Can I return goods and get a refund?

You can always return goods within 14 days from date of receiving. Take a closer look on our sale termsParagraph 4, Right of withdrawal.